OAG Analysis

The Future of Al Qaeda

Upcoming defeat for ISIS means Al Qaeda poised to re-emerge

A ‘Qatar crisis’ or Signs of the GCC’s decline?

Qatar crisis highlights disruption of GCC's economic order by China and Iran.

Transactional Diplomacy in the South China Sea

A transactional US foreign policy that could leave the South China Sea for China

The State of Saudi Arabia

A stronger US alliance is giving Saudi more confidence

Political instability in Morocco

Recent protests bring the stability of the regime into question.

Iran's Presidential Election 19 May

Strong polls for incumbent Rouhani mask a more complicated outcome

Is Turkey Turning its Back on the West?

Turkey's difficult domestic situation is complicated by its hot and cold relations with the US, EU and Russia.

The Peripheral Middle East in the Trump Era

A glimpse of the new US foreign policy in the Middle East

TAPI Pipeline Gains New Momentum

Taliban cooperation with Turkmenistan boosts chances of TAPI pipeline